Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drywall is Going Up!

Insulation and vapour barrier are complete and the drywall crews started late last week.  I imagine they'll spend the next couple of days finishing up hanging the drywall and will get right into mudding and taping. 

This is the living room of the garden suite, viewed from the kitchen.

Here is the kitchen of the garden suite viewed from the living room/entry.

This is the bedroom of the garden suite.

This is the main floor of the duplex facing 23rd Street.

Looking up stairs to second floor.

View from top of stairs at second floor.

Second floor master bedroom.

Second floor second bedroom.

Penthouse looking South-West.

Penthouse looking South-East.


Larry said...

Hi Cam,

Great photos. I can hardly wait to see the finished job.


larry said...

looks great,cameron!!!