Thursday, July 31, 2008

There's a Ginormous Hole in My Yard!

Excavation started earlier in the week. A few more loads will be removed tomorrow and we'll be where we need to be for formwork to start. The garage and trailer look like they are precariously perched right on the edge, but there is about 5 feet from the rear of the trailer before a 10 foot vertical drop.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A demolition and building permit were finally issued last week! The process is slow and painfull, to say the least. Why permits for a duplex should take so long is beyond me. It would seem the simple act of having a suite in one of the units threw a spanner in the works for the folks at city hall. Odd, considering the current administration is actively promoting secondary suites and affordable housing, you'd think they would have the policy and procedures in place to move this sort of application through the system quickly and efficiently. It's a shame that they can't operate with the same efficiency as we do in the private sector.

Politics aside, my home of the last 4+ years was demolished yesterday morning. It took very little time before it was reduced to a mound of rubble, ready to be hauled to the land fill. This Monday will see the remaining rubble removed and excavation will begin in preparation for footings and foundation formwork.

It would seem that there is no turning back now!