Saturday, October 25, 2008

Roof and Third Floor Added

Viewed from 23rd Street, you can just see the Third Floor Garde Room framing above the roof deck. Balcony framing is also done.

A closer view of the front elevation. You can see a better view of the roof deck framing.

A view looking straight up at the roof deck framing.

The rear (North) elevation looking Eastward showing the balcony framing as well as the overhang of the roof deck. Ther will be a 2'-6" overhang.

The rear (North) elevation looking down the East side of the house.

The rear (North) elevation looking Westward.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Second Floor Framing

The framers spent a few days getting the second floor fraing into place. The roof deck and third floor garden rooms will hopefully be done next week. The following photo is the house looking North from across 23rd street.

This is the rear of the house looking South from the back yard.

This is the view looking out the Second Floor, South-West bedroom. You can see Lion's gate Bridge.

This is the view looking out the Second Floor, North-West bedroom. When it isn't cloudy you can see more of the North Shore mountains.