Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well, It's been ages since I've updated this thing. My Dad and I have been working pretty much seven days a week since April working on the exterior and interior finishing. Other than baseboards and interior doors, the duplex is nearly finished. I've done some planting at the front and sides, but will need to leave the rest of it until the car port gets built. That probably won't happen until spring. Also, we were finally granted occupancy by the City. Now to get all the fussy bits finished and I can hopefully get it rented quickly.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drywall is Going Up!

Insulation and vapour barrier are complete and the drywall crews started late last week.  I imagine they'll spend the next couple of days finishing up hanging the drywall and will get right into mudding and taping. 

This is the living room of the garden suite, viewed from the kitchen.

Here is the kitchen of the garden suite viewed from the living room/entry.

This is the bedroom of the garden suite.

This is the main floor of the duplex facing 23rd Street.

Looking up stairs to second floor.

View from top of stairs at second floor.

Second floor master bedroom.

Second floor second bedroom.

Penthouse looking South-West.

Penthouse looking South-East.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Moving Right Along

Since Christmas, work has been going full tilt on the rough plumbing and electrical. Gas lines have also been run, so now we're waiting for the utility companies to connect us.

We've also had the stucco contractor applying the building paper, flashings and rainscreen strapping. Once drywall is installed, the stucco can proceed. The cedar siding will proceed as soon as we've had a chance to review bids.

Here are a few pictures showing the exterior progress. The first is viewed from the back lane.

West Elevation looking towards 23rd Street. The entry to the rear unit is visible to the left.

The East elevation looking towards 23rd Street.

The North elevation.

South elevation viewed from 23rd Street.
South elevation viewing the front court area in front of the suite.

Penthouse at roof deck looking North.

Interior shot of the rear unit Living Room, showing the fireplace.

I think that once the stucco and cedar are up, it'll really look good. Hopefully, we'll have the exterior work done by the middle of March. It will depend on when the utilities get hooked up and we can start drying out the interior. Once the wood reaches a moisture content of less than 19%, vapour barrier and drywall can go up. Once the drywall is up, stucco can proceed.

Friday, December 26, 2008

It's Boxing Day!

There's not a lot to see right now. Rough plumbing and electrical is being done, so there is no real change in appearance to the exterior of the house. We've had over a foot of snow, so getting around the site is a little difficult. Rather than house pictures, here's a festive seasonal shot of the trailer:

Monday, November 17, 2008

The first layer of the SBS roof has been put down. You can see the red primer on the parapet. The membrane has been lapped up over the parapet and we are waiting for the granular cap sheet to be applied.

This is the South elevation of the Third Floor Garden Room.

Main floor of the South side of the duplex looing West towards the entry.

Front elevation viewed from 23rd Street.

Rear elevation viewed from the lane.

Plumbing rough-ins are nearly complete and we expect them to be completed and inspected tomorrow.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Roof and Third Floor Added

Viewed from 23rd Street, you can just see the Third Floor Garde Room framing above the roof deck. Balcony framing is also done.

A closer view of the front elevation. You can see a better view of the roof deck framing.

A view looking straight up at the roof deck framing.

The rear (North) elevation looking Eastward showing the balcony framing as well as the overhang of the roof deck. Ther will be a 2'-6" overhang.

The rear (North) elevation looking down the East side of the house.

The rear (North) elevation looking Westward.