Thursday, April 10, 2008

And so it begins...

After a seemingly endless amount of work and time, we have received fourth and final reading approving our rezoning application to redevelop our property in Central Lonsdale. The little cottage pictured will be demolished and replaced with a modern, three-unit development. One unit will house my parents, one will be for me and my two dogs and the third will be rented out.

The current house is aproximately 1,000 square feet in size on one floor. The new devlopment will be just over 2700 square feet, not including the basement. This will provide a floor space ratio (FSR) of 0.66. Under the Official Community Plan (OCP), Level 4 Medium Density is permitted for the entire block and allows an FSR of up to 1.0.

The building permit has been applied for and an early May construction start is anticipated. Preparing for demolition is my main focus at the moment. I'm potting up all of my perennials, shrubs and vines in preparation and will set them aside for planting when construction is complete.

During construction I'll be living in my 1972 Airstream Tradewind. Me and two Labrador retrievers in a 25 foot trailer for close to a year should be an interesting experience and will no doubt become a frequent source of fodder for this blog.


Anonymous said...

Tally-ho, Cameron! All the best of luck in your endeavour.

Take your time, do your best, and relax. But just remember, we are all watching you!


Doug Dobbs said...


I'm doing essentially the same thing in south central PA. I bought a 31' Sovereign to live in while we rebuild and expand an old home here. My wife has never "full timed" before so this will be a great adventure on MANY fronts. :) Best of luck, Doug